Practical experience and dual education

Education and practical work experience

Join ENCO, spol. s r.o. and develop your career with us! Our company is prospering at home and abroad and offers a number of different educational and job opportunities in a great work team.


Why train with us?


Providing training and job opportunities to young people is critical for our company to make a contribution towards creating future key professional capacities and to support youth employment in the region. We therefore made the decision to intensively cooperate with secondary vocational schools whose students gain new skills directly in our company’s manufacturing facilities and are welcome to stay become regular employees once their schooling is complete. Tool setters, equipment mechanics, tool programmers and sheet metal specialists are all professions in high demand.


Dual education


ENCO s.r.o. joined the dual education programme in 2016. Secondary vocational school students have an opportunity to become regular employees in the very first year of their studies and to receive a scholarship. Regular studies are held directly in our manufacturing facilities with the latest technologies, and students master practical skills with the assistance of instructors and become employees once they complete their studies. More information about dual education is available at

Duálne vzdelávanie

You may attend dual education at one of our partnering schools at the following locations


SOŠ, Nová 9, Piešťany


Material and financial assistance for all pupils enrolled in the dual system in our companies


If a student achieves suitable marks at school and regularly attends practical training, they are eligible to receive a monthly company scholarship in the amount of:


1st year €40, 2nd year €60, 3rd year €80, 4th year €100


A student’s progress in practical training and regular attendance in such practical training are the primary factors considered when awarding a company scholarship.


Students are eligible for remuneration equal ranging from 50% to 100% of the hourly minimum wage if they perform productive work. The specific amount of such hourly remuneration for productive work on the part of a student is dependent upon meeting the criteria defined by the employer:


  • contribution
  • instructor’s evaluation of their performance
  • attendance


The provisioning of personal protective equipment for students is guaranteed. Such equipment is issued in the same way as the company provides it to its  employees under the internal regulations. Catering provided by the employer for students during practical instruction in the same way as the company provides it to employees under the internal regulations. Students may also attend various training courses for employees, as well as foreign exchange internships with companies abroad.


We also provide the ability to gain professional experience in addition to dual education.

Dual education project coordinator

Romana Sládeková

 +421 905 695 684