Operating rooms

Operating rooms

The multifunctional structural system used in our products and components is intended for applications and uses on medical premises, where special emphasis is placed on the control of cleanliness and on the maximum reduction of the risks of microbiological contamination.


The advantage of our structural system is the large number of variants that it can be used to create. The system delivers a relatively simple and especially “clean” integration of all elements installed as internal equipment in an operating suite, wiring, air conditioning and other utilities and media.

Operačné sály

One of the basic criteria laid out in the development and design of the structural system used in operating rooms is the complete isolation of the clean space from the outside environment using a system of sealed partitions and a sealed ceiling. Doors are an important element in clean rooms and other workspaces where there is maximum emphasis on safety, sterility and the hygiene of operating rooms. Pass-through chambers and sliding windows are necessary to mitigate risks from excessive handling of tools and medical supplies. They help to eliminate the need for personnel to move through individual spaces and keep pressure fluctuations in clean rooms to a minimum.


The objective in designing a specific solution is primarily to maximise the mitigation of all risks of health complications for the patient attributable to post-operative wound infections and nosocomial infections by ensuring the control of particulate and microbiological contamination of the environment, as well as to reduce the risk by creating basic preconditions for simple and highly effective hygienic maintenance and disinfection of clean rooms.