Clean rooms

Clean rooms

The increasing quality specifications for new technologies in terms of environmental parameters have laid the foundations for clean room technology. The use of clean rooms has now expanded into other areas, including the electronics industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Clean rooms are also used in clean chemistry applications and in the cosmetics and food industries. The original ENCO structural system can be used in all areas where clean rooms are utilised. It can be installed in clean rooms of class 1 to 100,000 as classified according to USFS 209 D.


Our company offers a comprehensive structural system of tiles, partitions and ceilings, door systems and their accessories, such as various pass-through chambers, air showers, material and personnel passages, and other structures according to customer needs.


The structural system is designed as a modular system capable of flexibly adapting to project requirements while maintaining strict compliance with the principles of good manufacturing practices and GMP conditions. Partition elements are formed as a glued sandwich monoblock construction, the individual elements are connected by means of a column, or excluding it. Partition panels allow for vertical distribution of electrical lines, and glazing is done in the so-called “Pharma” design, where the surface of the glass is flush with the metal surface of the panel without a sill. Since the company does not produce the partition system on a mass scale, it can be adapted to customer specifications in terms of material, colour design, type of sandwich filling, etc.

Čisté priestory ENCO

The modular system is designed to be adaptable to specific requirements of various industries with respect to the materials used, fire safety, the ability to connect to non-standard equipment, retrofit applications, various types of flooring, different insulation requirements and the like.


ENCO, s.r.o. manufactures two groups of construction elements for clean rooms:


• Partition systems

• Ceiling systems


Our firm offers technical collaboration in creating clean rooms and the delivery of elements to create these premises. In addition, and based on the investor’s specifications and needs, we are able to deliver the technical design documentation, the assembly of clean rooms, air conditioning equipment, control systems, workplace validation, and warranty and post-warranty service in cooperation with our partners.


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