Steel doors – closures

Production program of steel doors and frames, properties and their advantages

Production of metal doors at Steel Form s.r.o. company in Piešťany has its own program, which is divided into multiple systems. A separate production program consists of metal doors with a half-groove for the door frame of the CgU, CgA, CgUT, CgAT type. The doors are made from galvanized sheet metal that is bent into the profile of normally produced doors.



Production range of revolving doors


  • doors for common construction purposes
  • anti-radiation door with a system frame – part of the delivery
  • This door can be full single wing, double wing, glazed single-wing, glazed double-wing


Materials used


For the production of doors, we use a galvanized steel or stainless-steel sheet with a thickness of 0.8-1 mm.
The stiffness of the door is ensured by two perforated metal panels, using a special technology they are welded in the corners and glued together with insulating material. This material can be either styrodur or mineral wool in the required thickness.
For the production of anti-radiation doors, similar materials and procedures are used with the use of special fillings for the particular product (lead and the like).




  • high quality
  • long life
  • nice appearance
  • higher resistance against forced opening
  • high thermal resistance
  • good sound insulation
  • resistance to moisture and weather
  • higher resistance against mechanical damage
  • good cleaning options, especially for fired powder paint




Doors are produced in standard sizes.

The advantage of our offered products is the production of non-standard dimensions according to requirements and assessment.

STU - Stavebný uzáver

Production range of sliding doors


  • construction doors, including drive and control unit
  • anti-radiation door, including drive and control unit


These doors can be manually sliding or fully automatic sliding according to the customer requirements.


The manufacturer offers various surface treatments for all types of doors


  • without surface finish in galvanized sheet
  • with powder firing paint in RAL shades
  • stainless steel


Maximum bright dimensions of all products


  • single-wing rotary, width max 1100 mm height 2100 mm
  • double-wing rotary, width max 2000 mm
  • sliding according to requirements, width max 2000 mm
  • over standard heights can be produced on request and assessment


Door frames


The manufacturer also ensures the production and delivery of various types of door frames, such as the doors of CgU, CgA, CgAT, CgUT type as well as system frames for anti-radiation and sliding doors. The manufacturer ensures the production of door frames to the required width and different methods of their installation.


Materials used


  • galvanized steel sheet 1-2 mm
  • stainless steel sheet 1-2 mm
  • ordinary steel sheet h. 1-2 mm


The use of products


  • in various branches of industry
  • in medical facilities
  • in housing construction
  • in administrative buildings, etc.

Anti-radiation interior construction products


The first product is a steel anti-radiation door with a Pb insert and a system frame. We produce doors in the form of a sandwich, pharma design with anti-radiation filling. The door casing is made of 1 mm thick galvanized sheet steel with polyester varnish surface treatment – powder fired paint in the desired RAL shade, smooth matte, interior, or made of stainless steel according to customer requirements. We produce the shielding layer from lead plates of the closest manufactured thickness with regard to the requirements of anti-radiation protection. The frames are made of sheet metal thickness 2 mm reinforced with profiles for the width of the wall as needed up to 300 mm. Door frames are intended for walling and pouring with barite mortar at least 10 times the thickness of the Pb shielding layer, as well as for installation in assembled structures.

As a standard the doors are equipped with high-quality adjustable three-point hinges and stainless-steel handles, a ball with a split rosette.


Types of anti-radiation closures


  • single-wing rotary
  • double-wing rotary
  • automatic sliding
  • manually sliding


Bright door dimensions


  • Single-wing rotary max. width 1100 mm height 2100 mm
  • Double-wing rotary max. width 2000 mm
  • Sliding according to requirements, max 2000 mm
  • Extra heights upon request and assessment
RTGU Protiradiačný uzáver Pb 3mm

Each of the mentioned types of closure can also be equipped with an observation window with the necessary Pb equivalent.


Another product is Anti-radiation observation windows, which consist of anti-radiation glass with the necessary equivalent of lead and a shielded steel frame with lead filling that is designed to be assembled in a similar way to door frames.

RTG Pozorovacie okno pevne

Fireproof door closures


Fire doors work on the basis of integrated insulating properties, which can resist fire for a certain period of time. Their task is to prevent the spread of flames and heat flow to other rooms or spaces.


We produce the door in three versions


  • single-wing, full with a wing thickness of 45 mm with the size of the transition opening (900 x 1,970 mm), with E 90-C0, El1 20-C0, El2 30-C0 and EW 90-C0 fire resistance.
  • double-wing, full with a thickness of 45 mm with the size of the transition opening (1850 x 1970 mm) with E 30-C0, El1 20-C0, El2 30-C0 and EW 30-C0 fire resistance.
  • double-wing, full with a thickness of 45 mm with the size of the transition opening (1850 x 1970 mm) with E 30-C0, El1 30-C0, El2 30-C0 fire resistance and EW 30-C0 only from the side of the curtains.


All our designs of fireproof closures are intended for interior use, for walling, pouring cement-lime mortar into a solid support structure (brick wall).


We offer our products in various colour versions according to the RAL sample book, as well as without the surface treatment (clean galvanized surface), or in the AKC version (e.g. stainless steel 1.4301) in various surface versions, brushed or matte.


The fitting is a simple AL handle with a full shield, which can be replaced with a specific type of fitting according to requirements and unification with other building caps.

PPU Protipožiarny uzáver

Reference sheet of steel anti-radiation closures



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